Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baring It All #2!!!

Today's Therapy & Rehab Session:  Baring It All #2!!!

OKAY...I know I was suppose to update on the nails underneath the polish every 2 weeks...but I have been so busy.  I also thought monthly would be better because you could truly see the difference in between when I first posted back on December 29th...Baring It All and today's pictures.

So here are the pictures:

Right Hand without any Nail Therapy...with Flash.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Fascinating Aurora!!!

Hoy sesiĆ³n de terapia y rehabilitaciĆ³n: Ludurana Aurora Boreal Fascinante! 

SO...can I first just say...I LOVE THIS COLOR!!!  Now that we have that out of the way...this lovely was a part of the Epic Nail Mail that received last week.  

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Fascinante is a Brazilian Multi Chrome Polish that consist of khaki, red, copper, violet hues.  The glitter consists of pink, blue, name it!!!  The color changes in direction, sunlight, natural lighting, artificial lighting...basically every move you make.  It is ABSOLUTELY EYE CATCHING...I had a lot of my patients and office staff stop me and ask about my polish!!!  I was able to get this lovely from Llarowe...I spotted it a while back from a few blog pages and knew I just had to have it.  Did I mention it's scented...I can't describe it but after polishing the scent is soft and sweet.

I Apologize!!!

Hey NP Wasters,

I am so sorry that I have not posted anything since Saturday.  Monday I started not to feel well and then yesterday I had a patient in a power scooter run over my foot.  Thankfully my foot was broken...but it hurt like a mothersucker all day yesterday and today!!!  So with all of that...the last couple of days I haven't felt like doing anything but sleeping.  I did manage to swatch a polish tonight, so tomorrow will definitely bring along a post.  The color really turned out GORGEOUS and I can't wait to show you!!!  

If you haven't sure to follow me on Facebook!!!  

Until tomorrow...

Sit back and enjoy the fumes!!!


Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today's Therapy & Rehab session:  EPIC NAIL MAIL!!!

So with this being a shorten week at work and it being very busy...I was none to happy at being so tired...UNTIL...I started to receive my nail mail.  I had placed some orders from a few places and wanted to share again with you what get's me NAIL POLISH WASTED!!!

First up...I bought some Frankenstein aka Frankens (Hand Made Nail Polish) from a Fellow Blogger and hopefully a Good Fellow Blogger Friend to come!!!  OMG...if you only knew what it took to get wouldn't believe us if we told you story!!!  I want to tell my Fellow Nail Polish Addict Beanie at My Blue Lacquer ...THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I JUST LOVE THE COLORS!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Big Money Taupe!!!

Today Therapy & Rehab Session:  Big Money Taupe!!!

So you guys know how I am a Frugalista & Fruglnomic person.  Today's mani was all done under $5.00!!!  How did I do it...well let me tell you really quickly.  L'Oreal Eiffel For You is $4.69 at Walmart but I had a $3.00 coupon, Sally Hansen's Gem Crush Big Money is $6.99 at my local CVS but I had a $5.00 basically I only paid $5 bucks for both polishes...YEAH ME!!!

Okay so here is the run down:

  1. Base Coat:  1 Coat Julep Nail Therapy & 1 Coat Essie Millionails
  2. Color Coat: 2 Coats L'Oreal's Eiffel For You #370
  3. Glitter Coat: 2 Coats Sally Hansen's Gem Crush Big Money #03
  4. Top Coat: 1 Coat Seche Vite

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hopelessly Helena!!!

Well Happy New Year NPWasters!!!  I hope that you all had a very Safe & Happy New Year's Eve celebration and that you aren't to hung over from all of your festivities.  Well let's get to what we do best here...get NAIL POLISH WASTED...wait I meant have our Therapy & Rehab Session!!!  

So today's Therapy & Rehab Session:  Hopelessly Helena!!!

Now a few post back I encouraged you all to become Julep Mavens for a Cent...yes 1 RED CENT.  Hopefully you all took my advise...the offer ends Monday 1/2/12.  There should be another low cost introductory price soon...I will post it when it becomes available.  Now back to what I was saying.  Today's color comes from my December Maven Box...I need to post pictures of what I received for December & January's Maven Boxes...but for right now we are going to focus on this particular color.