Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Site Problems

Hey Folks,

Recently I got a Malicious Malware Warning on my site this weekend.  I found out it was not my blog but another bloggers page that I had on my Blog Roll.  Since removing the Blog Roll,  I am now having problems with my photos...yes I know there are big Black Triangles in place of them...lol!!!  I am currently working on this but at the same time I am also evaluating if I want to remain in the Blogger world.  Life has really gotten a hold of me and I really haven't had the time to blog about polish like I want to.  I often find it easier to post my polish pictures to Instagram and move on.  I have never claimed to be a professional or have a popular blog like my other bloggers.  What I am is just a me...a lover and addict of nail polish, but I have a life outside of blogging that is really beginning to take its toll on me.  They say Death, Divorce and Moving are 3 of the top stresser in life...well I have been dealing with all 3 the past few months.  So my stress level is at a Level Red!!!

With that being said...I will figure out soon what I plan to do with Nail Polish Wasted.  I hope to have an idea in the next couple of weeks...but do forgive me if it takes longer.  

Until then...