Monday, December 31, 2012

2012...the last day and my thoughts!!!

Hey Addicts,
YES it has been a while...I know.  Since my last post, Nail Polish Wasted has turned ONE!!!  Can you believe baby is now officially one?  Time flies, even if you aren't having fun or polishing your nails. 
I personally wanted to thank each and every one of you who have remained faithful to Nail Polish Wasted!!! 
Every hit that is given to my little land of Internet space just reaffirms that you really do want to see what I do.  I do this blog for me, but I also do it for you.  No; I am not a popular nail polish blogger, I am me just me...a Nail Polish Addict who is trying to show the world nail polish through my eyes.  So when you click here and read, it just says to me that you folks really do need therapy.  Just kidding!!! 
Since Halloween, I have been getting some things in order.  Now of course, I am still buying polish...that is a given.  My new thing is getting my picture quality to where I want it to be.  I got a comment a while back and this person mentioned to me that cellphone pics were a "No-No" in blogger world.  Well after polling a few folks in a polish group that I am part of...comes to find out that cellphone pics are the NORM in the blogger sphere.  So I am personally sticking my tongue out to the person who sent me that comment about my pictures.  But I will admit it prompt me to buy a cellphone tripod and some macro lenses.  I didn't know there were such things...but hey ask and you shall receive the knowledge.
I would say that I have several wishes or resolutions for 2013...I have a few.  But for the blog, my wish/resolution is for you guys to continue to like what I do, spread the word to your fellow addicts and for me to at least do 4 posts per month.  Maybe with 4 post per month I can finally get through some of this polish I have.  You know you are polish addict when you have more polishes than your local nail salon.  Yeah...I working on a spreadsheet so you guys can see my addiction at it's fullest.
Well, with that being said.  I wish you all a HAPPY & SAFE NEW YEAR!!!  Behave and be well.  And as always...despite what your psychiatrist tells you...this NAIL POLISH THERAPY IS FOREVER!!!
Sit back, enjoy the fumes and if all else fails...put glitter on it!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is it Blue, is it Purple...I think I will just call it BURPLE!!!

Hey Addicts,
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  I'm back...a little late but late never hurt anyone.  I decided to do a quick post because I just couldn't stop staring at my GORGEOUS mani!!!  The two colors together are AMAZEBALLS...yes I said AMAZEBALLS!!! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charms is Back!!!

Hey Addicts,

How have you been?  It has been a long time since we have had a therapy session.  I know you guys have missed me.  Like I said in our last therapy session, I have been having some personal life issues going on that I needed to take care.  Well I have taken care of those and I have been feeling inspired to get back to my sessions with you guys here in Blogger land and Facebook.  So starting next month I will be posting twice a week.  I hope to up to 3 times a week, but I have a 6th Grader who is in Choir and other extra curricular activities that we keep me busy.  But honestly I can't wait to get back and I thank you for those who have stayed with the blog and sent me emails of encouragement.  

I am also in the process of fixing the previous pictures that have gone bad on the site.  Slowly but surely they will be back up.

Well with that being said, this concludes today's Therapy & Rehab Session.  I know that you don't want me to go, but I PROMISE I will be back.  As always and forever, despite what your psychiatrist tells you, this Therapy & Rehab is FOREVER!!! As always...



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Site Problems

Hey Folks,

Recently I got a Malicious Malware Warning on my site this weekend.  I found out it was not my blog but another bloggers page that I had on my Blog Roll.  Since removing the Blog Roll,  I am now having problems with my photos...yes I know there are big Black Triangles in place of!!!  I am currently working on this but at the same time I am also evaluating if I want to remain in the Blogger world.  Life has really gotten a hold of me and I really haven't had the time to blog about polish like I want to.  I often find it easier to post my polish pictures to Instagram and move on.  I have never claimed to be a professional or have a popular blog like my other bloggers.  What I am is just a me...a lover and addict of nail polish, but I have a life outside of blogging that is really beginning to take its toll on me.  They say Death, Divorce and Moving are 3 of the top stresser in life...well I have been dealing with all 3 the past few months.  So my stress level is at a Level Red!!!

With that being said...I will figure out soon what I plan to do with Nail Polish Wasted.  I hope to have an idea in the next couple of weeks...but do forgive me if it takes longer.  

Until then...


Monday, April 30, 2012

Where have you been Charms?

Hey Addicts!!!

I know it has been a while since I last posted on the site.  So many things have been happening in my personal life between work & home...the conflicts of work & home.  I had to take a moment to get them both in order.  It's funny how you spend more time at work then you do at home and trust my home was beginning to show it.    Don't worry though, I will be back soon.  My goal is by the end of the month with set posting days...Wednesday and Sunday.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can I get a Blue Sangwich Please?

I have no excuse for neglecting you so I am not even going to attempt to give you a reason for my absence. All I can say is...SORRY and I'm trying to be a better Polish Blogger!!!  I promise!!!  Okay so let's get to getting...

Today's Therapy & Rehab sessions:  Can I get a Blue Sangwich Please?

Now if you remember right after the New Year that I got some Epic Nail Mail well this post contains a BLUETIFUL(Yes, I spelled that Franken made by one of my Fellow Bloggers Beanie at My Blue Lacquer.  Wondering what a "Franken" is...well is a nail polish that is handmade from scratch.  From what I takes alot to create a Fraken from scratch...right glitter, clear polish...yeah ALOT!!! So without further ado I introduce you to Blue Sangwich...

Warning...VERY PIC HEAVY!!!

Artificial Lighting With Flash (Left Hand)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baring It All #2!!!

Today's Therapy & Rehab Session:  Baring It All #2!!!

OKAY...I know I was suppose to update on the nails underneath the polish every 2 weeks...but I have been so busy.  I also thought monthly would be better because you could truly see the difference in between when I first posted back on December 29th...Baring It All and today's pictures.

So here are the pictures:

Right Hand without any Nail Therapy...with Flash.