Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baring It All #2!!!

Today's Therapy & Rehab Session:  Baring It All #2!!!

OKAY...I know I was suppose to update on the nails underneath the polish every 2 weeks...but I have been so busy.  I also thought monthly would be better because you could truly see the difference in between when I first posted back on December 29th...Baring It All and today's pictures.

So here are the pictures:

Right Hand without any Nail Therapy...with Flash.

Left Hand without any Nail Therapy...with Flash.

Left Hand WITH Nail Therapy...with Flash.

Right Hand WITH Nail Therapy...with Flash.

Nail Therapy, Cuticle Oils & Vitamins that I am using.

So let me give you the details....


I am using 2 Nail Therapies at this time.  Essie Grow Strong and Julep's Nail Therapy.  Why both...not really sure but I must admit BOTH are working. 


As you can see...yes 2 Cuticle Oils.  Sally Hansen's Nail Nutrition Green Tea & Soy and Julep's Essential Cuticle Oil.  SH's is applied with a brush and Julep's is applied with a Roller Ball.  I must admit I like the Roller Ball application the best.  It's a bit easier on the go.  


2 tablets of Vitamin D 1,000 iu (2,000 iu)...I take this because I am Vitamin D Deficient since living here in Fort Worth...I don't get out as much like I did when I lived in Los Angeles.  My Rheumatologist told me that she finds that people who live in Extreme Climates are Vitamin D Deficient.  If you think makes since.  During the Summer it is too hot to be you primarily stay indoors.  During the winter if it is too cold to be stay indoors.  So you aren't getting enough sunlight.   I don't think this really does anything for my nails but I included it since I have to take them daily.

1 Pre Natal Vitamin...I remembered that my nails were the strongest and most beautiful when I was pregnant with my son.  No plans to get pregnant again...but my body doesn't need to know that.  Any generic brand should do.  As you can see I have the Kroger Brand...Vitamins have been 50% off for the past few weeks so I picked up a bunch.  But if you don't have a Kroger's in your area...Walmart & Target are always cheaper than your local pharmacy.   Also COUPONS are your friend.  I always see coupons in the Sunday Paper for vitamin brands.

3 Tablets of Biotin 1,000mg (3,000mg) be careful with this Supplement.  It promotes healthy HAIR & NAILS.  Reading through the blogs most ladies don't take over this amount due to ALL HAIRS GROWING...HINT HINT!!!  I know there are 5,000mg tablets/bottles out there...but my NON MEDICAL SUGGESTION is the 1,000mg tablets and take no more than 3 a day.  

So here are my overall thoughts.  I think this regimen has been very successful for me.  I have seen my nail do a total 180 in a positive way to strong nail growth.  Back in nails were splitting, peeling and very thin.    After just 2 weeks of everything nails stop splitting and peeling.  After 3 nails have gotten stronger.  They are no longer thin and weak like they were before.  Even some of my co-workers noticed that my nails have gotten better.  

Overall...I give this therapy an A in my grade book!!!

Well folks...that concludes today's Therapy & Rehab Session.  I hope to see you back because this therapy is forever despite what your Psychiatrist tell you.  As always...

Sit back and enjoy the fumes!!!


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