Thursday, January 5, 2012

Big Money Taupe!!!

Today Therapy & Rehab Session:  Big Money Taupe!!!

So you guys know how I am a Frugalista & Fruglnomic person.  Today's mani was all done under $5.00!!!  How did I do it...well let me tell you really quickly.  L'Oreal Eiffel For You is $4.69 at Walmart but I had a $3.00 coupon, Sally Hansen's Gem Crush Big Money is $6.99 at my local CVS but I had a $5.00 basically I only paid $5 bucks for both polishes...YEAH ME!!!

Okay so here is the run down:

  1. Base Coat:  1 Coat Julep Nail Therapy & 1 Coat Essie Millionails
  2. Color Coat: 2 Coats L'Oreal's Eiffel For You #370
  3. Glitter Coat: 2 Coats Sally Hansen's Gem Crush Big Money #03
  4. Top Coat: 1 Coat Seche Vite

So here are the pics!!!  Sorry...there are no pictures outside...I did this late at night, so Flash Only!!!  

Verdict...umm I am not sure if I would do it again.  I kinda wasn't happy with the color combo.  What I did like is the Pink Glitter in SHGC's Big Money.  My OCD had me not like that the colors didn't really match up like I thought they did when I first sat down to do the mani.  After applying the first round of glitter wasn't something to run go tell everyone.  I think that is why I really didn't give an effort to take pictures during the day.  Overall the mani lasted about 3 days...typical for me.

Well folks, this concludes today's Therapy & Rehab Session.  Tell me what you think since I wasn't to overjoyed about this combo.  Maybe I am just being a bit too over critical...NAW!!!  (:  As aways...

Sit back & enjoy the fumes!!!


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