Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today's Therapy & Rehab session:  EPIC NAIL MAIL!!!

So with this being a shorten week at work and it being very busy...I was none to happy at being so tired...UNTIL...I started to receive my nail mail.  I had placed some orders from a few places and wanted to share again with you what get's me NAIL POLISH WASTED!!!

First up...I bought some Frankenstein aka Frankens (Hand Made Nail Polish) from a Fellow Blogger and hopefully a Good Fellow Blogger Friend to come!!!  OMG...if you only knew what it took to get wouldn't believe us if we told you story!!!  I want to tell my Fellow Nail Polish Addict Beanie at My Blue Lacquer ...THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I JUST LOVE THE COLORS!!!

From left to right:  Void, Flutter Heart, Blue Sangwich, Space Lift & Drunk at Sea

I can not wait to get these pretty colors on my fingers!!!  The pictures of the bottles don't do them any justice especially Blue Sangwich & Space Lift!!!  If you are interested in any of these Frankens or you want to see what else Beanie sure to check out her Blog!!! 

Next up...I had been hearing about this site that sells hard to find nail polish from Brazil, England and some hard to get Frankens.  So I jump on the board and ordered some stuff from Llarowe at Shop Llarowe.  This shop site is ran by Leah Ann and she tries her darn best to make everyone happy and does a good job if I don't say so myself!!!  I am also excited because next week...more nail mail from Llarowe...more about that much later.  So here is what I purchased!!!

From left to right: HITS Speciallita Flamenco, HITS Speciallira Hula, HITS Speciallita No Olimpo Afrodite, HITS Speciallita No Olimpo Demeter, HITS Mari Moon Artsy, HIT Mari Moon Dreamer, Ludurana Aurora Boreal Fascinante, Ludurana Flocado Arco-Iris and Ludurana Flocado Sol

If you interested in any of these polishes or you just want to see what Llarowe sure to visit the site and shop!!!  If you have a Facebook page...and want to join the madness (in a good way) then click away...Llarowe's Facebook Page ...hope to see you there!!!

I am so excited for all this Wastediness that I don't know what to do with myself or where to start!!!  But you know that I will make it happen some how, some way.  I can't wait to show you all how GORGEOUS my nails will look thanks to these ladies and their sites/sales.  

Well Folks...that concludes today's Therapy & Rehab Session.  And remember...this type of therapy/rehab will be for a lifetime despite what your Psychiatrist tells you!!!  As always...

Sit back and enjoy the fumes!!!


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