Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Fascinating Aurora!!!

Hoy sesión de terapia y rehabilitación: Ludurana Aurora Boreal Fascinante! 

SO...can I first just say...I LOVE THIS COLOR!!!  Now that we have that out of the way...this lovely was a part of the Epic Nail Mail that received last week.  

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Fascinante is a Brazilian Multi Chrome Polish that consist of khaki, red, copper, violet hues.  The glitter consists of pink, blue, name it!!!  The color changes in direction, sunlight, natural lighting, artificial lighting...basically every move you make.  It is ABSOLUTELY EYE CATCHING...I had a lot of my patients and office staff stop me and ask about my polish!!!  I was able to get this lovely from Llarowe...I spotted it a while back from a few blog pages and knew I just had to have it.  Did I mention it's scented...I can't describe it but after polishing the scent is soft and sweet.

So here is the run down:

  1. Base Coats:  1 Coat Julep Nail Therapy & Essie's Grow Stronger
  2. Color Coat: 3 Thin Coats of Ludurana Aurora Boreal Fascinante
  3. Top Coat:  CHANGE UP AGAIN!!!  2 Coats Revlon's ColorStay Long Wear Top Coat...I used this because it a hybrid between gel & nail enamel...basically...strong like gel but without the UV curing.  It really does make the mani last longer!!! 
OKAY...THIS POST IS SO PIC HEAVY!!!  So you have been warned!!!


These were all taken in Artificial Lighting & Flash!

Sunlight Light Only!

Artificial Light Only

Polishes Used for this Post!

Do you love it...because I LOVE IT!!!  Needless to say...I will be buying some of the other colors.  I am now a Ludurana Woman!!!  As you can see because it is a multi chrome...the colors change.  This could definitely be worn in all is really a polish that goes with everything and every season.  I'm over here GUSHING...can you tell!!!  (:

Bueno amigos ... llega a la conclusión de que la terapia actual ysesión de rehabilitación. RECUERDE ... esta terapia en particulary la rehabilitación es para siempre a pesar de lo que su psiquiatrale dice! Como siempre ...

Siéntese y disfrute de los humos!


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