Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baring it all!!!

Today's Rehab & Therapy Session:  Baring it all!!!

As you can see above...those are my bare nails.  I know...tragic!!!  I have always has very thin nails that peel...thanks my mother while posting.  I have tried say it...I have tried it.  I have probably made them worse with Gel & Acrylic aka Enhanced Nails.  Because they look so horrible...I am so tempted to put tips on them...but so far I haven't.  My thought process is that it will only make it worse.  So I am challenging myself for the New Year.  I need to stick to a Nail Regimen that will help my nails grow.   Here is what I have come up with:

  1. 3000mg Biotin -Biotin promotes healthy hair & nail growth.  Now I know for sure about the hair son's grandmother used it for a year when her hair thinned due to over use of the ponytail. should work...the makes your hair grow EVERYWHERE <--You get my point!!!
  2. 1 Prenatal Vitamin - my hair & nails were the strongest when I was pregnant with my son,  No I am not getting pregnant but my body doesn't have to know!!!  
  3. Julep Nail Therapy - I just got this when I got my It Girl box.  From the reviews on the site & the Julep FB Page...everyone raves about this.  So I figured I would give it a try.
  4. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Wrap - Hoping this will give my nails a bit of strength since they are so weak.
So I will take a pictures every 2 weeks to see how this is going.  

Well folks that concludes this therapy & rehab session.  As always...

Sit back and enjoy the fumes!!!


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