Monday, December 19, 2011

What get's me...Nail Polish Wasted!!!

Today's Therapy & Rehab Session:  I decided to take some pictures of what get's me Nail Polish Wasted!!!  What's crazy is that I have a lot of these colors for a while, wore them...but never took pictures of me wearing them.  So I will have to do the mani's all over again and take pictures so you can see them on me.  I have a lot...yeah I know...this is just the tip of the ice berg.  I am a Julep I don't even have those pictured yet...Le Sigh!!!  All pictures were taken with my HTC Smartphone, so they are not the greatest.  Also I'm not listing each color for now...if you want to know a specific color...ask me in the comments and I will respond back.  FYI...this post is PICTURE HEAVY!!!  Here we go:

Base Coats:

Top Coats:

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure:

Sinful Colors:



Revlon #2: 

L'Oreal & Ulta:





Confetti #2:

Sally Hansen Random:


There is more...but I will leave it at this for now!!! I don't want to give anyone any true ideas of having me committed!!!  As you can see...I have a lot of swatching to let me get to it.  As always...

Sit back and enjoy the fumes!!!


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