Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm Too Whimsical!!!

Today's Therapy & Rehab Session:  I'm Too Whimsical!!!

So per the millions of nail polish blogs that I read...yes it is part of my therapy & rehab...DON'T JUDGE ME!!!  (:  Now like I was saying per the nail  polish blogs Revlon has been duplicating some very famous & popular name brand polishes.  So this particular beauty is Revlon's is a dup of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter In The Air.  I have seen DP's GITA...this is a DEAD ON DUPLICATE by Revlon!!!  Revlon is good, damn good if I don't say so myself.  Even Deborah Lippmann had to tweet about how good Revlon was getting in duping popular polishes.  Revlon's Whimsical is priced at $4.99 at Ulta where I just so happen to pick up mine.  On Deborah Lippmann's site...Glitter In The Air is $18.00!!!  YEAH...I know...way too expensive for my CVS, Walgreens, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Target, Walmart & Franken sites blood.  I'm a Frugalista (This is an acutally person on Twitter @Frugalista) and Frugalnomic (This is an actually person on Twitter as well @myfrugalnomics).  

Here is what I used:

  1. Base Coat: Julep Nail Therapy & Essie Millionails...see why I am using this in my previous post Baring It All.
  2. Nail Color: Revlon Whimsical 3 Coats total...this is very sheer so I prefer not to use more because I didn't want it to be too clumpy.  The first 2 coats were very thin, then the 3rd coat was a bit thick.
  3. Top Coat:  Seche should already know this.  I love this stuff!!! 

So here are the pics and this is VERY PIC HEAVY!!!

 Revlon Whimsical Outside in Direct Sunlight

 In the house using flash. & flash.
 Same & flash
 Last one in the house. sunlight!!!  PRETTY!!!
 Outside sunlight.
Outside...close up direct sunlight.

You can find Revlon Whimsical at your nearest Ulta or Bed, Bath & Beyond (Your BBB must have a HBC...Health & Beauty Center if it doesn' will not have the me!!!)  You can go to there websites to find the nearest on near you.  Or if you don' like I was going to do...have someone buy it in another state and ship it to you.  Hey...addicts do what they have to do!!!  RIGHT?!?!?!

Well this concludes today therapy & rehab session.  Thanks for coming and are only an Nail Polish Addicted or NPWasted if you admit it.  Admitting is the first step!!!  (:  As always...

Sit back and enjoy the fumes!!!


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