Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Site Problems

Hey Folks,

Recently I got a Malicious Malware Warning on my site this weekend.  I found out it was not my blog but another bloggers page that I had on my Blog Roll.  Since removing the Blog Roll,  I am now having problems with my photos...yes I know there are big Black Triangles in place of them...lol!!!  I am currently working on this but at the same time I am also evaluating if I want to remain in the Blogger world.  Life has really gotten a hold of me and I really haven't had the time to blog about polish like I want to.  I often find it easier to post my polish pictures to Instagram and move on.  I have never claimed to be a professional or have a popular blog like my other bloggers.  What I am is just a me...a lover and addict of nail polish, but I have a life outside of blogging that is really beginning to take its toll on me.  They say Death, Divorce and Moving are 3 of the top stresser in life...well I have been dealing with all 3 the past few months.  So my stress level is at a Level Red!!!

With that being said...I will figure out soon what I plan to do with Nail Polish Wasted.  I hope to have an idea in the next couple of weeks...but do forgive me if it takes longer.  

Until then...



  1. Hope everything turns out alright. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you Beautyshades for you warm wishes!!! You are my FIRST EVER COMMENT!!! Feels good to know that someone is reading my little ole blog. Your comment put a smile on my face!!! THANK YOU!!! (:

  2. your first ever comment? I feel so bad now I hardly ever comment on blogs but gonna need to start commenting more.

    Hope everything works out for you, take some time to rest from the sound of you need a little.

  3. Also just another quick thing it might be Captcha that keeps people from commenting, I know doesn't seem like it would but I know sometimes it's easier to just not comment.