Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is it Blue, is it Purple...I think I will just call it BURPLE!!!

Hey Addicts,
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  I'm back...a little late but late never hurt anyone.  I decided to do a quick post because I just couldn't stop staring at my GORGEOUS mani!!!  The two colors together are AMAZEBALLS...yes I said AMAZEBALLS!!! 

Have you ever just sat at your workstation/desk, well for me my kitchen table, and go through tons of polish and just can't figure out what color you are in the mood for?  That was me last night!!! See officially it's Fall but the last couple of days it has been 70 or above here in DFW.  So with the nice weather I have been stuck in loving all the Fall colors but still feeling the brights from Summer.  It makes for a very complicated mani session, especially when I am tired and sleepy.  It's kinda like going to the grocery store hungry and feeling overwhelmed because you start grabbing everything in the store.  Okay okay I am rambling...any way I have had Deborah Lippmann's Dancing in the Sheets for about 6mos and never used it because I got it around the Spring.  I felt the color was too dark for Summer but perfect for Fall.  Now A England's Tristam, I've used it before and decided to give it a go again.  Normally I don't use a polish again I already have used it especially since I have SO MANY untried polishes. is a collage of a what it looks like during the day and regular light.

I can't stop staring too!!! In either lighting the colors look GORGEOUS!!!  It looks purple, it looks blue...YEAH IT'S BURPLE!!!  That is the only way that I can describe Deborah Lippmann's Dancing in the Sheets.  A England's Tristam gives me just enough blue and the holographic gives it just enough purple.  BURPLE...BURPLE...BURPLE...say it with me...BURPLE!!!  So here is the run down:
  • Base Coat:          1 Coat OPI Nail Envy & 1 Coat Nail Life Nail Revitalizer New Formula
  • Nail Coat:           2 Coats of both Dancing in the Sheets & Tristam
  • Top Coat:           1 Coat  of both OPI Top Coat & HK Girl Fast Dry & Super Shiny Top Coat
Overall I love this mani!!!  Both polishes had great coverage with just 2 coats.  I've had several folks stop to ask me what I was wearing.  You know I love the!!!
Well's that time.  But this concludes today's Therapy & Rehab Session.  I trust that you will be back sooner than later!!!  As always...despite what your psychiatrist tells you...this type of therapy last FOREVER!!!  And as usual...
Sit back and enjoy the fumes!!!

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